Favorites Friday: Inspired by Bronx

When my beautiful girl died I knew that I needed something more than my folder filled with photos and videos. I needed something to remember her and like everything else in my life I turned to etsy. After a while I found an artist called "inspiredbybronx" her shop is inspired by her little pup who died at eighteen months from cancer. It meant so much to me to buy from Vonny's shop because she dedicated her entire shop to her dog.

In her shop I found the perfect necklace that resembled my little Chelsea.

When it lays around my neck you see the paw through the heart on the top disc and then when it opens you see the phrase "everyone loves the chelsea"

Anytime Chelsea was scared or upset we would pet her and let her know that everything was alright by saying "everyone loves the Chelsea" and it always made her smile.

To remember my beautiful dog who grew up with me, I'll keep this around my neck and think of her always.

To check out this artists shop click here!